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The first few pictures after the two pictures on the left of those that couldn't make it, were taken by me. Towards the end of the evening, Helen Larsen borrowed my camera and took some pictures on her own.  I took the last pictures just before we left.

Scooter Eddy

Jack Eddy (Dektak Jack)
The pictures on the left were sent to me by Jack Eddy, from his home in WA.

He said he will definitely come to the next Sloaner!

Or is this for me?
"Remember the bell rope on Montecito Street?"

The food

Bob and Gary
Bob Graves and Gary Breitweiser

Richard P. Reigert, Past president and co-founder
Richard Riegert giving a speech

At attention
The Group listening to Richard

Helen, the person responsible for putting the event together
Helen Larsen and Arthur Sherman
John Roberts
John Roberts, our insurance man
Gary Grier, Machine Shop
Gary Grier
Herman's loving wife, Cecelia
Cecelia Brown
Richard Riegert
Gary B
Gary Breitweiser
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