The following pictures are from Bob McIntyre:

JÚ Goolsby and Bob Yarbrough

John Corbani talking to the group

Richard Riegert talking to the group

Pat Perry Nichols with Paul Hall

Marianne Bauldry Graybill and Walter Graybill

Walter and Marianne Graybill, Bob Kuster, Bob McIntyre, Kathy Flachsbarth and 

Jim Kern, Bjarne Larsen, Bob McIntyre, and Merrill Roragen

Bob, Phil, Jurgen Zinsstag, Paul Hall, and Jerry Krichmar

Mrs and Mr. Jack Dimock, Bob, Gary Grier, and Jim Kern

Bob with Fred Fry

Helen: "I'd hold off on those sweets, Richard."

Mrs. and Mr. Jack Dimock, Bob Kuster, Kathy Flachsbarth, and Phil Britton

Bob, Phil Bosch, and Jim Hockin

Bob, Pat Perry Nichols, and Phil Bosch

Arthur Sherman, Bjarne and Helen Larsen,
with J
ack Dimock in the back