The following pictures were taken and submitted to me by Ken Lunde:

Turn here
The sign says "SLOANER PARKING"

Almost ready!
Cook Phil Bosch

Bob et al
The man in the blue shirt is Bob Yarbrough

Richard Riegert

Jerry and Gary
Jerry Krichmar, Jim Hockin, and Gary Breitweiser
Getting some snacks
From left to right: Ray Letherman, John Roberts, Ina Britton, Candi Corbani

John and Dick
John Corbani and Richard Riegert

The Frys et al
Fred Fry, Lois Melton, Dianne Fry, with Carl Stuart in the back

Long time no see!
Cecelia hugging Bob Graves with the 1935 Spencer microscope he brought for me

Helen Larsen and Walt Graybill
Bj and Matt
Bjarne Larsen and Matt Keehan
Almost time to eat
"Look over there.  That's Richard and Herman!"
Dick and me
Richard and Me