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The following pictures are from John Corbani:

Waiting for the mob 4834.jpg
The Browns 4934.jpg
Cecelia and Herman Brown are on the left
(just arrived)
Phil and Fred 5334.jpg
Phil Bosch and Fred Fry
Gary and some women 5434.jpg
Gary Breitweiser holding court
Juergen Zinsstag, Hank Burrill
Art and Bj 5834.jpg
Arthur Sherman and Bjarne Larsen in front
Jack Dimock and the Meltons
Eleanor Ward and Paul Fournier
Hank Burrill and Ray Letherman sitting, Janice Kettler standing

Another happy group
Another Happy Group 6334.jpg
Bob Kuster, Jerry Krichmar, John Corbani, Phil Bosch and Ed Jetton
Ed and Me discussing this web site 6434.jpg
Ed Jetton and Herman Brown
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