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Bjarne sent me a batch of his old pictures to include on the site. Enjoy!

Nice house
Bill Spargur's house on APS.
From left: Bjarne, Hal Gilpin, John Corbani, Ed Graper, Herman Brown, ?

Here it comes!
Bjarne at a Sloan beach party

Bjarne, Marian Boggs, John Phelps

I could jump for joy!
Tom Richardson, Bjarne, Herman
But this won't fit in my pocket!
Richard with his Bjarne-made pencil. It even worked!
The shorter one
Bjarne is the second one from the left.
Old Friends
Hayden, Idaho, October 1998
Bjarne, Richard, John Corbani
These should get me back in shape!
Thanksgiving in Idaho, 1998
Let's fill this sucker with booze!
John Stack is blessing the S.B. Channel Race Silver Cup of 1929, with blows from an Indian horn.
I want to thank all my friends...
Mountain Drive Kite Contest, 1969.
Ed Soxman and Bjarne won the FHA award
for the most spectacular crash.

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